Get Past Your Financial Troubles With a Poor Credit Car Loan!

Get Your Cash Now! Get a Car Title Loan Using Your Vehicle.
July 12, 2019
Let your Car Get You Cash Now Through Long Term Loans!
September 8, 2019

Sometimes you find yourself  in a tough financial situation and unsure of what you can do. t.  Instant cash is usually required in such cases. However, knowing where you can get immediate cash to solve all your financial problems is part of the issue. You may have various reasons as to why you need the instant cash. It may be for  your monthly rent, an unexpected bill, home or car repairs, or maybe even a medical emergency.   In such cases, why not consider a poor credit car loan?


Alberta Bad Credit Loans can help you get approved for a loan even with bad credit. These loans are secured loans and use your car as collateral to get the cash you need. They are also known as poor credit car loans, car title loans, car collateral loans or long-term loan where your car’s title is held on to by the lender until the loan is completely repaid. Your title is then returned to you after the loan has been repaid in full. The amount you can borrow is based on the value of your car or the equity you have in the vehicle. The greater the value, the more cash you are likely able to borrow.  At Alberta Bad Credit Loans, you can borrow up to $25,000 with us! .


Bad credit? No problem!


When it comes to needing money instantly when financial emergencies occur, you can simply apply for a poor credit car loan. All you  need is to have a fully paid off vehicle with a clear title and   easily get a loan despite of your poor credit history. Poor credit scores are not considered for loan approval. Your vehicle is considered as collateral for the poor credit car loan.


Complete your application by filling in your personal information and the details of your vehicle. We will assess your vehicle’s details and quickly advise the amount you are eligible for. We will approve you within minutes of applying.


Basic Requirements to Get Your Poor Credit car Loan Today!


  • You must be of legal age or older to qualify for the loan.
  • You must have a vehicle that is no more than ten years old.
  • You must have clear title to your vehicle.
  • Vehicle registration and insurance must be in your name. .
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license is required.
  • We need proof of permanent residency.
  • The second set of keys to your vehicle.


How Can to Get Approved?


Simply follow these 4 easy steps to get approved:


  • Call us or apply online & Get Approved –

    Give us a call at our toll free number (855)805-4412 and be approved within minutes. You can also apply online and complete the application form in a matter of minutes..

  • Effortless Paperwork –

    The paperwork part is simple and easy. You only need to provide very minimal documents that most people already have on hand.

  • Receive the cash –

    Once approved, get your cash and you can drive away.

  • Keep Your Car –

    You can enjoy driving your car during the entire loan period while making payments.



There are several advantages  why you should apply for a loan with us!


  • Immediate Loan Approval:

    With us, you can get instantly approved for the loan in less than 10 minutes.

  • Easy Access to Money:

    Get easy and quick access to  money as early as on the same day.

  • Affordable Loan Payment and Loan Terms


    Get flexible loan payment term plans. Payments are budget friendly and you can also pay off your loan early without the worry of any payment penalties.

  • Client Support throughout the Loan Period:

    Our professionals will be there to guide you through the entire loan process. If you have any questions regarding your loan, they are ready to help assist you at anytime.

  • Keep Your Vehicle:

    You don’t have to worry about losing your vehicle. You are free to use your vehicle for the entire loan term while making your monthly payments.

These are some of the benefits of applying for poor credit car loans with us. Want to get approved for a  loan right now? No worries! Call  us (toll free)


or apply online and get your cash instantly today!

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