Let your Car Get You Cash Now Through Long Term Loans!

Get Past Your Financial Troubles With a Poor Credit Car Loan!
August 22, 2019
Get Car Title loans Alberta With No Credit Checks!
November 15, 2019

An expensive and unexpected emergency can happen any time- may be your roof begins to leak, there are some bills that are to be paid, your car or house needs repair work or maybe your family member faces a medical emergency. Quick emergency cash is needed right away to take care of all these problems. When such problems occur, you can easily apply for long term loans with Alberta Bad Credit Loans and get the cash you require. These loans are the best option to meet your unexpected financial needs. This money can be used for all your financial problems.

Also known as car title loans, car collateral loans or auto title loan, these Long Term Loans actually allow you to raise money from your vehicle, rather than for a vehicle. Here, the owner of the vehicle uses the equity in their vehicle as collateral to get the loan amount. The amount of money that can be borrowed against a car will be based on the value of the vehicle and the amount of equity there is in it. You will get enough time to pay back your loan amount over a long duration of time, this is why these are known as long term loans. The best thing about getting a long term loan with us is that despite using the vehicle to take out a loan, the borrower can still carry on using the vehicle just as before. The title is retained in case the borrower is unable to pay back the loan. But once the loan is repaid, the title is returned to the owner.

Alberta Bad Credit Loans provides access to thousands of dollars in a short amount of time for your financial needs. Another fast and easy benefit of these loans is that your credit is not an issue for us! We accept all types of credit; whether good, bad or no credit! We are not having a credit check or any job requirements. This speeds up your loan procedure. Your debt records or late payments also do not affect your approval process. You just use your vehicle as loan collateral, and that’s all! So, people with bad credit who are rejected by traditional lenders can easily apply for our loan term loans in Canada.

Alberta Bad Credit Loans has helped many people in Canada over the past decade by providing long term loans when they need it the most. We believe that people with broken or poor credit scores should also be given a chance to improve their credit scores.

Follow These 4 Easy Steps And You will be Approved!

Fill out the application form:

It only takes a minute to complete our online application. You just have to enter basic information about yourself and your vehicle which makes it quick and easy!

Get Approved

There is no need to wait for a lengthy loan process for approval. With us, you can get your approval within an hour after filling out our application. Once you’re approved, one of our friendly experts will contact you.

Get Your Cash

After completing the desired paperwork and getting approval, you will get your cash in hand with minutes.

Drive Away With Your Car

You don’t have to worry about your car being taken away. Drive away with your car and your cash after completing the loan process!

Minimum Requirements To Get An Approval!

It is quite easy to get approval for a long term loan but there are a few requirements that are very important for the loan paperwork:

    • You must be of legal age.
    • You must have a lien-free car with a clear title to it
    • The car should be registered and insured in your name.
    • The second set of keys to your vehicle is also required.

Do I qualify: 

If you want to know you are eligible for Car Title Loans, you need to provide us with the following;

    • A Valid Canadian Driver’s License
    • Proof Of Vehicle Ownership
    • Proof Of Vehicle Registration and Insurance
    • Lien-Free Car Title

Our customers are our first priority, and we ensure that they are provided with the best customer service. We solve all your problems on time by providing immediate solutions to your financial needs. So hurry up and contact us immediately to get your long term loans with us. Call us (toll-free)1(855)805 4412 or apply online now and get your cash right away!

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