An Easy Way To Avail Cash Is Through Collateral Loans In Alberta

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May 2, 2020
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When you come up with an emergency, a question arises, how are you going to pay? At Alberta Bad Credit Car Loans, we can help you get fast cash to pay for whatever expenses you have come up with. If you have a free and clear title to your car, you could get up to $45,000 cash to help pay for those bills. Our team is here to help you get out of the hole. You don’t have to stress about the bills going unpaid. Also, you won’t have any more sleepless nights wondering how you’re going to pay for your bills. With collateral loans Alberta from Alberta Bad Credit Car Loans, you can receive the money you need today.

What is a collateral loan? 

Collateral loans, also known as title loans, are secured loans where your car is placed as a guarantee to get a desired amount of cash based on its condition. At Alberta Bad Credit Car Loans, you can receive a good amount of money while still driving your car. Our title lending process is fast and easy, and you can be approved in as little as 30 minutes. With no credit check needed, you can get fast cash today. 

How Does The Process Work?

Our title lending process requires that you must show proof of ownership, title, and registration, your valid driver’s license, and you can apply for your title loan of up to $45,000. Most cars within ten years old will qualify for our collateral loans. 

Emergencies can happen, and you might find yourself strapped for cash. And this can bring tough times. Our title lending process allows you to get fast cash so you can pay whatever expenses you need, such as emergency bills, home repairs, hospital bills, car repair, and much more.

Advantages of Collateral Loans

  • You can borrow money from $45,000 instantly.


  • There is no credit check involved.


  • There are no prepayment penalties charged if you pay out the loan early.


  • It has flexible loan term payments.


  • There is no need for any job required to get approved for the loan.


  • You can take hold of your vehicle and enjoy driving it during the loan period.


  • The company has lower interest rates than its competitors.


 To begin your application for collateral loans in Alberta, call us at 1 (855) 805-4412 or visit our website today. 


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